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Shoudout! Is All About Music, Social Media, And Having Fun

Shoudout! is a free social media app available on iOS and Android that lets you record up to 6 seconds of audio and then drop it into a ‘Crowd’ so it can be heard by all your friends.

What's a Crowd

A Crowd is like a group chat, but using voice instead of text


Your Crowd can be XL Rated - for 18 years or older - or Not - if you want to filter out the $@#%


Your Crowd can be Public or Private - what happens in your Private Crowd stays in your Crowd

Social Music Movement


How to drop a Shoudout


Swipe right to edit your profile, and left to share your shoudouts. Tap Shake Radio to hear music and shoudouts, or you can record and Drop a Shoudout or Form a Crowd.

Record it

Tap the mic for “Ready, Set, Go” then record up to 6 seconds, or tap the mic again when you are done. Remember to be loud!d.

Add Filter

When you finish recording, you can tap to add voice filters

Choose Your Crowd

Which Crowd should hear it on Shake Radio or Shoudify? Choose a Crowd and you are either finished or tell us who’s it for?

Who’s it for?

You can pick from your FB friends, or from you phone contacts. You can either alert your friends, or surprise them. Either way, this will help make sure they hear it!!

iDropped and MyCrowds

Tap iDrpped to listen to all your own shoudouts, or select My Crowds to listen to shoudouts dropped into them. Then tap reply if you want to drop a reply shoudout to that person.

Shake It

I LOVE listening to commercials!

Said nobody… EVER!

But who wants to pay to hear commercial free radio? With SHAKE RADIO, you can hear the music you love with no ads, just shoudouts from your crowd.Simply shake your phone to go to SHAKE RADIO and select your crowd and genre, or search for your favorite songs and artists.

SHAKE RADIO is a smart tuner that learns your music preferences to enhance your music experience.Don’t like a song, just shake your phone and shake radio will find you another station.Every few shakes, you will hear shoudouts from people in your crowd.Did you like what they said?Again, just shake the phone to send them a “thumdup.”Everything is shake activated, so this makes SHAKE RADIO the perfect app for driving.Shake your radio, so your focus can remain on the road where it belongs!

SHAKE RADIO. Have Your Music Shaken, Not Disturbed.

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