What is Shoudout! DJQ?

DJQ is Shoudout’s free platform that enables mobile and radio DJ’s to receive shoudouts from local listeners through our Shoudout app.

DJQ runs on any smartphone, tablet, or computer simultaneously during any event. It is very easy to use and enhances mobile DJ’s business by bringing more to the table and provides radio DJ’s the comfort of hassle free listener interactions.

We will provide you with the credentials, you just have to hit the active button! DJ’s can activate or deactivate their live station with just one click of a button wherever they are and whenever they want.

We’ll do the hard work while you hit the play button!

What do our users say?

Events with Shoudout vs Events without Shoudout

  • More fun 100%
  • More engaging 80%
  • Kept the party alive 90%

*Based on independent surveys and research


Live Event

Pump up your DJ’ed parties with Shoudout’s DJQ Live Event. Now those same guests who are glued to their phones can use them to interact with the party! With DJQ Live event, guests can submit shoudouts directly to the DJ’s queue, which can be monitored within a simple to use browser based dashboard. Using beacon based technology, and Google’s speech-to-text API, Shoudout maintains exclusivity to invited guests, and enables super fast curation by the DJ. No more inappropriate comments on the mic!


Live Radio

DJQ Live Radio allows stations to engage their listeners in a fun new interactive way. Now listeners can “earn” their 6 seconds of radio air by submitting entertaining content which, thanks to voice to text transcription, can easily be curated by the DJ’s. Shoudouts can be used to keep listeners through ad breaks, and through our sharable “your shoudout has been chosen” type notifications, listeners can tell their friends to tune in and increase ratings. Finally, using our beacon based solutions, stations can geo-drive customer traffic to sponsor’s establishments in a cool and unique way.

Integration with Virtual DJ, Traktor, and Serato

DJQ Live Event…

  • The host spends a lot of time and money creating the event. They want their guests to have a good time and be in the moment. But the reality is that Millenials/Gen Z spend a lot of time on their smartphones. “If you can’t beat’em, join’em”: Shoudout! allows the guests to use their smartphones to interact with the event in a fun and meaningful way.

  • Allow the DJ to “control the mic”

  • In this way, Shoudout! satisfies the needs and hopes of the host while catering to the guests habits and likes.

  • Shoudout! DJQ Live Event is a cool new product which helps it’s partners to brand themselves as differentiators and trendsetters.

For the DJ

We understand how important it is for the Dj to have control on what is going to be played, how clean, fun and appropriate it will sound. For those reasons Shoudout! Created DJQ Live Event having the Dj’s need in mind. With this product you will:

  • Maintain full control of the event

  • And therefore avoid either the apathy fostered by smartphones, or the chaos associated with an “open mic”

  • Won’t waste people’s time, they will hear what they want and what they created

  • Interact with the guests

  • Shoudout! integrates Google speech to text technology in order to simplify the task of curation.

  • DJQ integrates easily with Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ. Because it runs in a browser, it is device agnostic and with some simple preference adjustments, populating Shoudouts into playlists is snap.

What to Shoudout?

All participants at the party can Shoudout. All they need to do is to say something funny/fun, appropriate and relevant. A few examples:

  • Appreciate the guest(s) of honor or any guest

  • Acknowledge benefactors of the event

  • Song dedications

  • Make announcements

  • Only limitation is imagination

| Then the Shoudout populates the DJQ dashboard

By using speech to text technology the Shoudout is easy to read and to be played and uploaded into the DJ’s software

The Afterparty

Half the fun of a party is the recap. We will host post-party sites where all the Shoudouts will be available for replay, download, and commenting. They will be shown in order of popularity, so the Shoudouts with the most likes, are on the top of the page. All Shoudouts can be shared on social media, allowing it’s users not only to share their Shoudout but to promote the party and all it’s participants.

Shoudout’s Afterparty recap page allows the DJ to keep the guests engaged well after the party is over. The DJ simply populates the page with all the “appropriate” Shoudouts from the party, and then hands it off to the host. The host can then customize the fonts, color schemes, or add photos to the shoudouts. It can then be shared on Facebook, where the guests can comment on the shoudouts. Best of all, The DJ keeps his/her brand fresh in the minds of the hosts and guests!

| Keep the party and fun alive

Do You Have Any Questions?

View our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have a specific question, feel free to contact us.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free, and will remain that way. The only cost of doing business is that Shoudout is relying on word of mouth from it’s participating DJ’s so that we can increase our downloads and usage. It’s your job to encourage your guests and fans to download our app and submit entertaining Shoudouts to your queue.

Do I need to run DJQ on the same device as my DJ application?

Only if you want to download the Shoudouts as mp3’s directly into your DJ application. Otherwise, you can run DJQ on any wifi connected device that is also connected into one of your sound inputs.

If I run DJQ on the same device as my DJ app, won’t listeners hear all of my notifications, like incoming email, etc…?

Again, there is a simple solution for this. Go to Notifications in your system preferences and turn on “Do not disturb” mode. Then put your phone on Airplane mode.

How do I incorporate Shoudouts into my set without interrupting the flow?

That depends on the content of the Shoudout. Song dedications, for instance, can be played in between songs in order to introduce the upcoming song. Shoudouts that are more or less expressions of sentiments can just be overlaid onto a song.

How do I download Shoudouts as mp3 files directly into my DJ application?

This is super simple. Create a Shoudout “Crate” (Serato)/playlist in your DJ app. Create a Shoudout folder on your desktop and point to that file from your “crate”/playlist. Go into your browser’s preferences (you may want to run DJQ in a browser app that is not your default browser) and change the “download location” to the Shoudout folder on your desktop. Voila, when you download Shoudouts, they will populate your Shoudout “Crate”/playlist. Also, if you insert the song memo column in your DJ app, the transcription will appear next to each Shoudout.

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